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Polished Stainless Steel Rebuild Kits

Exhaust flange kits are available with bolts or with bullet nose studs and 12 point or flange nuts. The studs in both kits are manufactured from Custom 450 stainless and rated at 180,000psi tensile. Bulk packs of exhaust flange nuts are also available. For individual flange nuts please refer to the flange nut section and order part number FLF05P for four pieces per engine.

Exhaust Flange O.E. Socket Cap 12 Point

All models (Bolts)

Exhaust Flange Bolts
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All models (Bullet Nose Studs & Flange Nuts)

Exhaust Flange Studs & Nuts
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Exhaust Flange Studs
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All models (Bulk Pack of 50 Flange Nuts)

Flange Locknut 5/16-24
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