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Polished Stainless Steel Rebuild Kits

  • 630 Stainless
  • 170,000psi tensile
  • CNC machined flange washers
  • Mirror polished  

Axles - Rear O.E. Socket Cap 12 Point

Softail All Models (except Rocker) 2008-10 (Replaces H-D 41641-08)

Axle Rear Softail 2008-10
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Softail Models 1986-07, FXR Models 1982-99, FLT Models 1987-01 (Replaces H-D 41110-89)

Note: This axle does not use a hitch pin like the stock axle. It has been upgraded to accept an e-clip like the axles for the 2008-10 models. The e-clips are manufactured from high strength stainless and polished. This in addition to the axles shorter and polished tip gives it a cleaner look.

Axle Rear ST 86-07,FLT 87-01,FXR 82-99
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